Friday, April 3, 2009

Well Whale shark ... Well dive with Go Dive Lanta

Chompoo: On 28th March 09, I went to Koh Ha (Koh mean island, Ha mean five) with my instuctor and 2 divers, Tom and Suprnz. We decided to dive at Koh Ha no.1 (The Chimney). We went to 20 meters dept then up to 16 meters.

While instructor and I finding more marine life on the wall on the left hand side, Tom tapped me hardly. Suddenly, I turned to the right hand side. I asked myself that what kind of fish has a big fin. Next, I looked at the body, so I scream loundly because I know the answer is. The Whale Shark was about 4 meters long female. She swam very slowly besides us. Unfortunately, we brought unterwater digital camera along to diving, but it was battery errors. :(

On the next day Go Dive boat went to the same dive site. Almost divers decided to drop 1st and 2nd dive at the same spot as yesterday. Rob, who was very lucky instructor, found two difference Whale Sahrks both dives. See pictures above.

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