Sunday, November 30, 2008

Discover Scuba Diving Course happy dive with Go Dive

Never dive before we can help you to try dive.
2 couple had done discover scuba diving course with Instructor Rob.

Rob - Lisa - Instructor Rob - Gabriele - Viktor

Welcome New Divers

Iris - Instructor Oh - Darryl

We very glad to say congratulation for New Diver.

10 Days Diving with Go Dive Lanta

King - Rob - Liba - Natt - Oh - Mirko - Delphine

Thank you so much Liba and Mirko diving with Go Dive Lanta
for 3rd times. This time they have been diving with us 10 days diving.
See you next season.

Friday, November 28, 2008

First Swedish Open Water Diver course this season.

Patrick - Instructor Rob - Richard

Thank you very much for taking Open Water Diver Course with Go Dive Lanta.
First swedish couple class for this season. Hope to see you soon.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

4 days diving package with Go Dive Lanta

King - Instructor Oh - Erik - DMT Delphine

Thank you very much for diving with Go Dive Lanta.
Erik come with Ronny (not on picture) for diving 4 days package
at Hin Daeng - Hin Muang then Koh Bida, Koh Ha, and last day Hin Muang.
Hope to see you guy soon.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Newest Open Water Diver!

Instructor Gannon - Delphine - Susan - Instructor Natt - Ingo

Newest Open Water Diver from Germany.
Thank you very much Susan and Ingo for start diving course with Go Dive Lanta.

Go Dive Car for pick up and drop off our customers for every from Hotels and Resorts on Koh Lanta

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Divers Today!

Johan - Michael - Instructor Gannon - Katja - Michal

Johan - Instructor Gannon - Michal

Thank you for taking Open Water Course with Godive - Lanta. First day practice they do in swimming pool then Koh Ha and Koh Bida. Both islands are such a beautiful dive site. We wish to see you all again next time with another course. Cheers!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Diving Koh Phi Phi 17th Nov 2008

Very Nice dive spot at Palong Wall, one of many dive sites around Koh Phi Phi.

Rain on the way back.


First Jump

Try Again

Diving Koh Ha 16th Nov 2008

Kiss Kiss

Please see photo album from Koh Ha 

Diving Hin Daeng 15th Nov 2008

Diving Koh Bida 13th Nov 2008

Juvenile Lion fish


Dive with Turtle.

Go Dive Facilities

please see our facilities in Go Dive Facilities Album

Friday, November 14, 2008

5 days diving package with Go Dive Lanta

Nives - Dejan - Insturctor Natt - Tracy - Stuart

Thank you very much for diving with Go Dive Lanta.
Nives and Dejan come from Slovenia by online booking with us for 5 days dive package.
Tracy and Stuart come from England decide to do 5 days diving package also.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Newest Advanced Diver

Instructor Rob - Richard - Raphaelle

Nice with Go Dive T-shirt. FREE when you finish any courses.

Newest two Advanced Open Water Diver Plus+. They select five speciality and do one more fun dive. Deep dive and underwater navigation. First day at Koh Bida, then Hin Deang - Hin Muang. Today they go to dive at Koh Ha with crystal clear water with Instructor Rob.

Monday, November 3, 2008

New Divers today!

Itziar - Instructor Natt - Mikel

Nice Picture Guy...

Congratulations! We are pleased to let you know that they are a new Open Water Divers from Spain. They take Open Water Course in Spanish version by Instructor Natt. The weather is very good for diving from now on. We hope to see you again. Thanks for diving with Go Dive Lanta.

Koh Lanta 3rd Nov 2008

Go Dive Boat is coming.

Go Dive Boat just come back from Koh Ha.

View from the back of Go Dive Shop before Go Dive Boat come back.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thai Divers visit Koh Lanta

Artjana - Todd - Francha - Nutcharat - Harit - Chanok (No photo)
                                   Instructor Oh

They are from Bangkok. They plan to visit Koh Lanta around two months ago. They come to Go Dive Lanta for fun dive with Instructor Oh from 29th October - 1st November 2008.  Thank you for diving with us. We hope to see you all later.

ขอบคุณคร้าบที่มาดำน้ำกับโกไดฟ์ เกาะลันตา โอกาสหน้ามาดำน้ำหินแดง - หินม่วงกันนะครับ

New Advanced Open Water Diver Today!

Instructor Olivia - Tina

Simon - King in Black

Instuctor Olivia - Simon

Simon - Instructor Olivia - Martina

Advance Open Water Diver Course

Thank you for coming and taking AOW course with Go Dive Lanta. Simon come from Italy, but Martina come from Austria. This course started from 31th October - 1th November 2008 with Instructor Olivia. Martina's boyfriend, Stefan, takes fun dive with us also, while she taking her course.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Welcome New Instructor

Instructor Rozi

We have new instructor Rozi from UK. She is Rob's sister.

Sorry Rob, we like you mate Ha Ha.

Instructor Rob